Inter Resort Billiard Championship is a new tournament organized by Maldives Pool Billiard Association. Resorts from all over Maldives are allowed to participate. This is an 8 Ball tournament and only one team from each Resort will be allowed to play. This is a Team Event Tournament which means that 2 Doubles Pairs and a Single Person will be playing at a time in a Match against the same odds from other Resorts.
Registration from 01 Jul to 25 Jul @22:00
Tournament will start on 04 August 2019 and will be played at MPBA Clubhouse. All matches will be played Race to 4. Semi Final will be a Race to 5 Final Match which will be Race to 6.
Visit Maldives Pool Billiard Association to Watch these outstanding Teams compete each other. For more information call MPBA Clubhouse (+960 3307843).
Tournament matches will be live streamed and projected at Galolhu Youth Centre screen.


Maldives Pool Billiard Association Tel: +960 3307843Email: