Maldives Pool Billiard Association (MPBA) is the governing body of cue sports in the Maldives. Since it was formed in 2004, MPBA has gone through a lot of changes. Better structure, equipment and management are some of the areas in which this growing strong community has progressed. We invite all who are interested, to visit and enjoy our facilities at the clubhouse and compete in tournaments. We will be updating our tournament information so keep watch for upcoming tournaments.

MPBA Ranking Top 16 Players

Updated: 08 January 2019

Hussain Fayaz

Ranking: 1

Hassan Shaz Mohamed

Ranking: 2

Ahusan Hashim

Ranking: 3

Mohamed Shareef

Ranking: 4

Hussain Saneef

Ranking: 5

Ismail Suwaid

Ranking: 6

Mohamed Dhunyaz

Ranking: 7

Ali Fayaz

Ranking: 8

Ali Shawin

Ranking: 9

Aslam Abdulla

Ranking: 10

Mohamed Shahil

Ranking: 11

Fathhullo Jameel

Ranking: 12

Yoosuf Zubair

Ranking: 13

Mohamed Aksam Waheed

Ranking: 14

Ahmed Shihad

Ranking: 15

Mohamed Fareem

Ranking: 16

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